Mass Food Poisoning Occurs In Japan With Hundreds Of Children Ending Up Sick.

Eating is an everyday occurrence. Whether you eat at home or you like to eat out, most people don’t know exactly where the food on their plate comes from. In fact, each year, one in four Americans will suffer from a food borne illness. Some of the most common food poisoning illnesses are: Salmonella (with over 2000 types), E. Coli, Campylobacter, Shigella, Botulism and Enteric Viruses. If you or someone you know has been affected by food poisoning, there is a chance that you could recover money damages for your medical expenses, in addition to the pain and suffering caused by the food poisoning.

Food poisoning can sometimes have disastrous effects on individuals or communities. CNN has announced that in Japan, in the Shizuoka Prefecture, up to 905 children were victims of a mass case of food poisoning. The children were students from the city of Hamamatsu. The area is located just southwest of Tokyo, approximately 125 miles from the well-known capital. The most common symptoms of those who were injured were diarrhea and vomiting. This was allegedly caused by the food borne illness commonly known as “norovirus.”

Not only did the students suffer from the poor quality of the food, their teachers also experienced the negative impacts of the illness. About 41 teachers were struck with the norovirus. The spreading of the disease was so serious that the city was forced to temporarily close 15 elementary schools so they could stop the outbreak. It is believed that the schools were poisoned due to an ingredient produced by a common supplier. Ironically, this incident happened about a month after approximately 1,400 people were poisoned due to frozen foods that had been contaminated by pesticides.

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