$1.9 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement For Misdiagnosis Leading To Paralysis.

Medical professionals are required to go to school for years, because as a medical professional, we are trusting them to make decisions and diagnose us properly so that we can get better. When something goes wrong due to the negligence of a medical professional, a medical malpractice personal injury lawsuit is often the only way to get justice. However, one thing we often forget is that even when a settlement is reached, no amount of money can adequately compensate someone, especially a young girl, who, because of a medical error, will not be able to walk down the aisle on her wedding day. While a monetary settlement may not be able to fully compensate a victim of medical malpractice, it may be the best way for them to begin to recover.

In February 2014, six-year-old Wynter Przybylski was very sick. Her parents took her to a walk-in clinic in Brewer, Maine and then to see the girl’s pediatrician. Both diagnosed her with severe constipation, but the recommended treatment only made her worse. Four days after being diagnosed by her doctor, Wynter was diagnosed with acute leukemia and was undergoing treatment at the Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine. It was soon clear that the doctor had found the answer and her treatment was starting to work. However, the delay in treatment caused “sticky” leukemia cells to block the flow of blood from the girl’s lower spine to her legs, rendering her paralyzed. Wynter, now 9, was cured of leukemia thanks to a bone marrow transplant, but she is expected to use a wheelchair for the rest of her life because her problem wasn’t caught in time.

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